Semana Santa no Sardoal


Documentary films can have a dual function as both heritage and repository of one-time, unrepeatable events. Invariably, time i.e. the preservation of unique moments, both tangible and intangible. Any film is a journey through space and time transformed into symbolic value a couple of decades later. When the subject is a religious rite, a documentary about the meaning of Easter for a community - whose beliefs are deeply rooted in the catholic apostolic Church, abundant in devotion, social integration and tradition - can provide a fair perspective on a tradition that remained to the present time and whose evolution is unpredictable. In terms of film production methodology, the documentary “Easter Week in Sardoal” is part of a City Council application to UNESCO’S Intangible Cultural Heritage. Filmmakers followed an observational approach thus mitigating any interference of the course of events. The result was a 25-minute film that details the various popular manifestations throughout the Easter Week.