O uso das TIC e gamificação na promoção do turismo e do património


The application of entertainment gaming strategies to existing (material and immaterial) heritage through the use of ICT, such as tourism-related gamification contributes to the promotion of interactive experiences that impact the visitor, increasing their satisfaction and the potential to return to the tourist-cultural destination. The creation of QR codes and audio guides developed for the main monuments of the city of Tomar and the project "Explorar a Barquinha" demonstrate this. In the first case, each participant provides a link to the history, time, weekly schedule, and other relevant information about the respective monument. In the case of the audio guides are distributed in the Audite platform (online audio guide platform) and in the monument. The "Explorar a Barquinha" project presents a tourist-educational model and aims to add value to visitors who wish to know the heritage resources, with the positive consequences that can result in the promotion of cultural heritage conservation and tourism promotion. The project was conceived from the use of heritage and through gamification as a strategy to restructure tourism, since tourism activities generate mechanisms of sustainability, spaces conducive to cultural expressions and motivate the continuation of the creation of new cultural products. This project will be applied to the 1st Cycle of Basic Education through the Integrated Center of Science Education of Vila Nova da Barquinha.(http://www.ciec.vnb.pt/sobre-o-ciec/historial)