Conservação de Património Industrial


The collaboration with Project “Buildings& Remnants” (within the Guimarães Capital of Culture 2012), aimed to preserve and disclose the industrial heritage and the memory from diverse industrial activities, nowadays disabled and in ruins. The multidisciplinary nature of this project, and the remnants nature, too much fragmented and difficult to preserve, allowed the birth of a new perspective in the conservation and preservation role, so to explore a new concept of creative conservation. Allied with the IPTs’ BA and MA Conservation courses, this project allowed a transversal approach between the two cycles of study, as alternative forms of dissemination between distinctive levels of apprenticeship. Since 2013 the dissemination of project results was accomplished within different sectors. Firstly, with the publication of a chapter in the Buildings&Remnants book. Later, another exhibit “Há trabalhos na fábrica” led to the publication of Intervenções Bulletin, directed to the public. In 2016 the work “Educational tools for involving higher degree students within the Project Creative Conservation" was presented in Paris during the 6th World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership, focusing the form by which this project allows an interdisciplinary approach.