Competência de leitura como salvaguarda da língua


The project includes 4 initiatives: three already in progress “Letrinhas Software” – Information system consisting of a digital repository and an app for mobile devices meant to promote reading literacy and help teachers achieve curricular goals; Letrinhas is being developed by faculty members and students of the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in collaboration with the Artur Gonçalves group of schools and the school library network (Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares). (https://letrinhas.ipt.pt)

“Bibliotecando em Tomar” is a seminar already in its 8th edition that is a privileged space of reflection and sharing and a driver for the development of a paradigm of library as an active player in the creation of knowledge and know-how across the world. (http://www.bibliotecandoemtomar.ipt.pt)

A research study as part of the National Program for the Promotion of School Success to measure the impact of Letrinhas in the promotion of reading by analysing learning results and its implications on school dynamics, and one initiative that is in its initial phase of development: a study/diagnosis about the levels of literacy in reading, writing and comprehension of IPT’s first-time enrollers with a view to creating strategies to develop skills that will contribute to academic performance and consequently to a better management of knowledge.(http://www.dge.mec.pt/sites/default/files/PNPSE/pnpse_edital.pdf)