The safeguard area consists of two lines of action: a1) Conservation and Restoration
and a2) Characterization and Contextualization of Heritage Assets.

a1) Conservation and Restoration - this line of research is based on the conservation/restoration studies and interventions carried out on cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, where issues related to methodologies, materials, technology and ethics are matters of constant debate. This line of research gathers conservators, restorers and researchers who directly or indirectly participate in research, development and intervention projects aiming at safeguarding artistic and cultural heritage.

a2) Characterization and Contextualization of Heritage Assets - this line of research is grounded on cultural, archaeological, historic, artistic, literary studies and on the physical, chemical and biological characterization of materials, particularly on considerations such as the changeability of the chemical and structural compatibility of the supports to be maintained and the new materials to be used, taking into account its origin and preservation. It gathers professionals from various fields who study, contextualize and characterize material, immaterial and natural heritage.